‘Spiral Tribe’: Our accessible sensory herb and veg garden

It feels like such a long time since the corona virus forced us all into lockdown and changed our lives forever. Finding fun and engaging things to do with the people we support has been a huge challenge, but on a positive note it’s also forced us to get creative!

transferring our courgette plants to the garden

As well as painting, crafting, music sessions and other indoor activities, I wanted to make sure that the people I support maintain their connection to nature, in a safe environment where the risk of contact with other people is minimised. I was so excited to be offered an allotment in Sowerby in April, and together with my friend and colleague Dorota we set about working hard to create the most gorgeous accessible garden in Calderdale! We chose to use the ‘no dig’ method, which protects vital topsoil and also saves time and energy.

We also decided to create four spirals to plant in – partly because it looks pretty, partly for ease of irrigation and weeding. First, we covered the ground with a layer of cardboard boxes, to kill off the many weeds.

This was then covered with compost and earth, adding a little horse manure to the mix. We used wood chip to create a path, which follows the spiral and allows easy access to the plot. Meanwhile, we had seedlings growing on the windowsill: tomatoes, courgette, peppers, chilli plants, lettuce, radish, which we transferred into the ground in late spring.

The spiral beds were created with mulch, compost and manure
The people we support painted rocks and made a plaque to officially open the garden
The flowers and veg loved the space and grew quickly!
Our courgettes in particular grew to giant proportions!
By mid-summer the whole allotment was an explosion of colour!
Here’s Martin. He loves smelling and tasting the sensory herbs- and throwing soil around!

We’re currently winding down our gardening sessions for the winter period, but do get in touch to express your interest for spring 2021!

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