Who are the sessions designed for?

Creative Rhythms uses the arts to engage with hard-to-reach individuals, whatever their situation. The sessions work well for children and adults with mild learning disabilities and have also proven very beneficial to those with profound and multiple learning disabilities. These sessions can benefit sufferers of dementia, particularly through music that sparks nostalgia, and they can also act as a positive outlet for individuals with mental health problems or those expressing ‘challenging’ behaviour.

Why choose Creative Rhythms?

The key difference with Creative Rhythms is that (in addition to regular workshops in Sowerby Bridge and Todmorden), sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home. As well as a relaxed environment, this means activities are person-centred and tailor-made rather than having a ‘one size fits all’ approach. In terms of music, Creative Rhythms offers a wide variety of musical instruments and percussion, all available at a cost that is designed to be inclusive and affordable.

Are the sessions safe and professional?

Yes. The sessions are fully insured and conducted by Sophie, who has a current enhanced DBS certificate, is an emergency first aider, and also trained to administer Midazolam rescue medication.

How long do sessions last?

Sessions run for either one or two hours, depending on the needs and wishes of the individual or group. Art, music, and nature sessions (summer only) can be combined as required.

What do they involve?

Creative Rhythms focuses on art and music, with other nature-based sessions taking place in the spring and summer months. Sessions are person-centred and therefore are all different, designed to suit each person/group’s needs and wishes and bearing in mind any issues of capacity and ability.

Where and when do the sessions take place?

The sessions can be arranged at a time and day to suit the individual or group, and run all year round. Creative Rhythms is primarily a mobile service and comes to the individual’s home (or organisation) for sessions. It is based in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, and covers Calderdale, Todmorden, and most parts of Kirklees and Bradford. From January 2021 we will be running a weekly kids’ group in Todmorden and two weekly art and music groups at the new Centred Community centre on Burnley Road, Sowerby Bridge. Nature workshops can take place at your home or at our ‘Spiral Tribe‘ sensory garden in Sowerby.

How much do the sessions cost?

The session prices below reflect fuel and travelling time, as well as the cost of all resources. Prices shown are for one hour. Art sessions are slightly more expensive to allow for the high cost of these materials.

Music and Nature:

Groups of 4 or more: £6 each, with discounts for taster sessions available.

Groups of 2-3: £12 each, with discounts for taster sessions available.

Individual: £25, with discounted taster session and further discounts for block bookings.

Arts and Crafts (including Messy Play):

Groups of 4 or more: £9 each, with discounts for taster sessions available.

Groups of 2-3: £14 each, with discounts for taster sessions available.

Individual: £35, with discounted taster session and further discounts for block bookings.

Large groups, day centres, schools and organisations: to be negotiated at the point of enquiry depending on requirements and group size. Costs for attending Creative Rhythms’ own weekly workshops in Sowerby Bridge and Todmorden will be dependent on group sizes (and government restrictions). These will be launched in January 2021. Follow us on Twitter to keep updated!

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“Sophie has been working with my daughter who has profound mental and physical disabilities. She has introduced art and  music into Amanda’s life and made a real difference. Having one to one sessions with someone who really cares and has patience    and vision has given Amanda some way to focus her attention to colour and texture and helps to improve her concentration. Music has always brought pleasure to Amanda, but this has really been enhanced by Sophie playing an instrument in her presence and encouraging hands on involvement. These therapies have given Amanda something special to enjoy.” – Cathy & Bill, parents

“Sophie is very creative and she also has the rare ability to tune into peoples’ sensory and communication needs in the most fantastic, person-centred way.” – Sarah Walton, Supported living manager, Creative Support Calderdale

“Sophie has spent time with my non-verbal child on many occasions , both in our home and in an outdoor setting to offer sensory time and encourage my son to interact. The sessions have been well thought out and appealing and he has really enjoyed the time spent with Sophie. The benefits have been more engagement, more smiles, and it has also encouraged his love of music and nature. Robin looks forward to seeing Sophie and experiencing new things.” – Emma, Parent 


When working with vulnerable people, the use of photography and video recording is rare, for obvious reasons. As such this gallery is limited – in fact, the only real way of finding out what happens in a Creative Rhythms workshop is to try one and see for yourself ! 

Martin loves strumming the guitar and playing with the bells, but sound baths are his favourite!


Martin loving the butterfly cocoons
Amanda loved making this beautiful lion made with Autumn leaves
Jack exploring some of the sights, sounds and smells of the theme at the start of a ’round the world’ sensory music session
Some percussion instruments (and a monkey who likes to say hello)!
Recording a song I wrote for Jack