Music speaks to the soul and lifts the spirits. Music can make us laugh or cry, it can energise or relax us; it can bring back memories or take us to a faraway place in our imagination.

Music is one way that hard-to-reach people can be communicated with, enabling them to interact with others. It has the power to calm and diffuse situations where ‘challenging behaviour’ is occurring. It can make a person come alive, making them feel happy and comforted, and it can also spark beautiful moments of nostalgia for sufferers of dementia.

As with all Creative Rhythms sessions, music workshops are person-centred and tailor-made. Once I know as much as possible about a client’s likes and dislikes and understand what they would like to get out of it, I’ll design a session perfect for their needs and in line with any issues of ability and capacity.

In addition to using a wide range of musical instruments, Creative Rhythms offers technological resources such as a state of the art karaoke machine with visuals, unlimited songs to choose from, and worldwide radio to explore different genres from far-flung places. There’s also a loop machine and microphones, perfect for creating your own songs, and a wide range of musical instruments including guitars, a keyboard, Brazilian samba drum, Djembe drum, xylophone, and lots of percussion!

Basic rhythm and tempo can be taught by feeling our own heartbeats and drumming along in time, increasing the speed to create a fun and energising atmosphere. Sessions wind down and end with relaxing sensory time and/or intensive interaction methods that allow clients to feel, express themselves and communicate in their own way.

There is nothing more powerful than being heard. 

“The human voice: It’s the instrument we all play. It’s the most powerful sound in the world, probably. And yet many people have the experience that when they speak, people don’t listen to them.” – Julian Treasure

“Music is a physical expression that has a physical impact upon the listener. Sound travels in waves through the air. This is not abstract. This is scientific fact. And it makes physical contact with the eardrum… and with the heart… and with the rest of the body.” – Kurt Elling

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