Nature is a great soother of stress and anxiety – whether it’s time spent gardening, walking through a forest, or simply feeling the elements on your skin. This was reinforced to me recently after supporting a lady with profound mental and physical dif-abilities on a day trip to some woods in late spring. As the birds sang from the treetops, she lifted her head to the heavens for the first time all day and smiled from ear to ear as she listened to them. These small, simple pleasures in life should not be underestimated – and with many fantastic organisations campaigning hard to make more of our wild spaces wheelchair accessible, there’s no reason why anyone should be excluded from enjoying time immersed in nature. I’m intensely passionate about this subject and have blogged about it here.

As with all Creative Rhythms sessions, nature-based workshops are person-centred and tailor-made. Once I know as much as possible about a client’s needs and understand what they would like to get out of it, I’ll design a session perfect for their needs and in line with any issues of ability and capacity. We’ll plant seeds and watch them grow, we’ll enjoy the different smells and textures of soil, sand and clay; we’ll dig and weed, we’ll hunt under rocks and plants for creepy crawlies, and we’ll even grow our own food!

“Gardening is any way that humans and nature come together with the intent of creating beauty.”   –  Tina James

“Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas.”
–  Elizabeth Murray

Do you support someone who might benefit from these workshops ?

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